Thank you for loving mother earth by registering online.

Simple step by step online registration:

  1. Download Entry Form CLICK HERE to download PDF file.
  2. Submit your registration via email or fax us at +6 082-234322
  3. Enter your details below after making your payment at any Maybank Bhd. branch: Account 51 111 347 4464.  Payable to “Borneo Epic Events Management
  4. An email with an official confirmation number will be sent to you upon verification
  5. Grease your bike and you are set to go!


ENTRY CLOSING DATE: 22nd October 2011
(NOTE: Late entries will NOT be entitle to the event’s exclusive custom made t-shirt)

Entry forms are also available at all leading bike shop in your area.  Please contact us should you need further assistance.


DISCLAIMER: The management will not be held responsible/liable for any mishaps or accidents that might occur during  in the course of the eve.  I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organizers of Borneo Epic Events Management. I agree also to abide  by the spirit of the race and agree to assist any individuals in any distress should the need arise.

13 thoughts on “Registration

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    • Yes, limited to 15yo and above. Participant below the age of 18 need to obtain the approval from their parents/guardians. Please obtain their consent and get them to put their name and contact before counter signing on the registration form. Thanks

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