Shimano Polygon Sematan MTB Endurance Challenge 2011


Venue & Schedule
Shimano Polygon Sematan MTB CHALLENGE 2011 is scheduled for the 6 Nov 2011, Sunday at the tip of Sarawak, Sematan beach town.  Events is to be flag off at 9:00am sharp.  8:30am riders briefing. 7:00am riders check in and collection of numbers and goodies bag.  Please arrive 2 hours earlier prior to starting time to allow smooth registration process.  Late participant will not be allow to start

How to get there
Sematan town is the east most part of Sarawak and is about 100km from Kuching City.  It can be reach via road and it is about an hour car ride from Kuching.  If you are not staying in the resort town, transportation is available with prior arrangement.  Kindly contact us earlier or inquire with the participating hotels that you will be staying in.

Category available
–       60 km   – Super novice (cut off time, 8 hours=5:00pm)
–       100 km – The Epic Challenge (cut off time, 9 hours=6:00pm)

Rules and Regulations
In order to have an enjoyable raid experience, all riders must adhere to rules of the cycling, specific event rules as set out below and directions of event officials during the course of the events.

Whether you are participating in the Challenges or the novice category, it is important that all riders stay alert throughout the duration of their ride and consider the safety of all individuals to be paramount.

Due to the nature of this challenging trail, we are limiting this event to participant age 15 and above.  Participant 15 to 18 of ages will have go obtain consent from the parents/guardians.  Kindly get their signature on your entry form and remember to fill in their contact details as well.

Although in co-operation with authorities, cyclists should always ride with caution and awareness of their surrounding conditions.

The following condition MUST be adhere to at all times:

  1. Any type of mountain bike are allow as long they are non motorized
  2. All participants must follow the designated route.
  3. Cycle safety helmets must be worn at all times during the events.
  4. Every entrant must ensure that their bike is roadworthy prior to the start.
  5. The Organisers will not accept any liability for loss or damage to any individual’s property or belongings.
  6. Must NOT ride dangerously or negligently;
  7. No MP3 Players, iPod’s, walkmans or mobile phones while riding

Physical fitness
It is the responsibility of every participant to ensure that they are physically fit and healthy enough to complete the ride. If you are in any doubt, it would be advisable to consult your doctor. Participants need also be mentally prepared and understand the risks associated with competing in an endurance challenge. Some areas of the trail are not accessible to vehicles or medical teams and response time may vary according to weather, terrain and competitors.

Riders are advised to pack necessary equipment eg. bicycle tubes, mini pumps, helmets and cycling shoes. Some light snacks might be needed for some.

Important note
The event’s marshals reserves the right to stop any rider/s from continuing the course should they be unable to make it pass the designated cut-off check point in time. Those riders will be directed to a shorter route to bring them back to the starting point before dark.

Riders will be the timed from the START and the time they cross the finish line.

Participant’s Benefits
Sematan Endurance MTB Challenge Entry t-shirt for all early registered participant.

Medals for all riders (Epic & Novice) that finishes their ride in the stipulated time frame

Specially designed T-shirts will be presented to The finishers in 100KM Epic Challenge

Lots of attractive LUCKY DRAWS awaits the fortunate ones

Goodies bag are available from sponsors at the end of your ride.  Remember to collect them after your ride to celebrate your epic achievement!  Many attractive and fun activities will be available, before and after the event.  So bring your family and friends along or stay back for fellowship.

Free supply of water and sports drinks along the routes

Chance to take part in the exciting activities of the event carnival, where entertainment, food and beverages will be available

This is not a race and riders, do enjoy the beautiful trails Sematan has to offer. Ride Safe and Ride Smart.

Additional Terms and Conditions:
By taking part Borneo Epic MTB Challenge 2011, participants agree to abide by these Rules & Regulations. The Event Owner and Organiser reserves the right to modify the Rules & Regulations in any way and at any time deemed necessary or appropriate, without materially affecting the terms and conditions of this cycling ride. Participants shall not, without prior written consent, give any interview or make, give or release any statement for publication, or otherwise to be made public, by any means relating to the event.

All participants consent to the use of imagery which may include them, in any record of the event or future promotion of the event.  The Organisers reserve the right to use any photographs, motion picture, recordings, or any other record of this race and its participants for any commercial advertising including legitimate purpose.


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